Tuesday, November 10, 2009


ok, so im starting a little premature here. i want a place to talk about food. i love food. lately i have been reading many blogs and i wanted one of my own. so here it is.

next month we (the hubs and i) will be leaving this dreadful apartment and upgrading to a whole house. a real house! where there will be no one living above us, and no one fighting over parking. and a real kitchen, and a yard! i think at the moment, those are my two favorie things. i am already planning my garden. and likewise, what i can make from home grown goodness. and that, my friends, is where this come from. cooking my garden. i want to live greener, and eat greener, and be healthly.

i look forward to hearing from all you... once youve discovered my little corner of the world. good night!

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