Thursday, November 12, 2009


today was visit #2 to school #2. i really cant decide which one i want to give all my money to. (ive been looking into culinary school, for those of you who dont talk to me daily). i prety much had my heart set on the art institute, but now i just dont know. i think the lenotre school could be just as good, maybe even better. and closer, which means less gas money. and lets face it, there is no additional income coming in during schooling. im going to sleep on it.

this morning started out pretty rough. started out mourning the loss of a great woman. my great aunt passed away today, and im taking it harder than i would have thought. i love her very much, but we werent as close as i am to some of the rest of my family. lately there has been quite a bit of death around me. i know it happens to everyone sooner or later, and its part of growing up. but it doesnt hurt an less. she was a fascinating woman. she traveled the world and was always willing to talk about anything. she had more stories and memories than anyone i know. then again, she may have been the oldest person i knew, somewhere in her 80's. it really makes me not want to take love for granted. let the ones you love know it, and show it often.

sweet dreams.

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