Monday, November 16, 2009


yes, monday. im not a big fan of mondays, and today was no exception. i think the only good thing about today was that rachel is back from vacation. i wasnt working alone today, trying to do my job and 2 others.

im pretty excited to post my first food pic tonight. i am so ready for a vacation, im tired and grumpy, and wanted something easy for dinner. we had bisquick chicken pot pie. it looked pretty, but i think it could have been better. i added some pepper, garlic and parsley to the batter, but it was still on the bland side. live and learn.

in other news... in 10 days i will be in my favorite place in the world: my grandparent's house. thanksgiving in maryland. and let me take the time now to state that i hate texas. i despise this entire state and i will run far away the first chance i get. for now, im stuck here and i feel like i will be here the rest of my life.

tomorrow i have another appt with the culinary instutite. im pretty sure i want to go to this school, and i think at this point im tring to be convinced thats its the better one. its so much closer. im ready for this. its taken me 10 years to be ready to go back to school. wish me luck!

sweet dreams!

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